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Hi, I’m Lindsay (she/her/hers)

Sex Ed gone modern. 

Welcome to Sex Ed and the City!

Founded in 2019, Sex Ed and the City is an educational and opinion based blog in response to negative and/or uninformed stigmas on sex, health, wellness, identity, and relationships. My goal and passion in life is for sex talk to be less "taboo" and more accepted.

I became passionate about sex ed when I was writing a research paper in college about the drastic rise in population over the last several decades. During my research, I came across articles stating how access to better health resources and education can have an immensely positive effect on any community, no matter where in the world. 

I have a B.A. in Political Science and International Studies from the University of South Florida. I will soon be getting a certificate in Tantra Studies. In my spare time, you can either find me learning Arabic or playing drums with my band, Some Girls.

Thanks for visiting my site. ​I hope my writings can help you or anyone you know in your journey to greater sexual health and well-being.

With love,

Lindsay Michelle <3 

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